About us

IMCC Group  was established in Jeddah Saudi Arabia in 2011 considering the fact of increasing demand in Technology for Construction and Business Technological Solutions.

IMCC Group , with more than 10 years of experience in IT Infrastructure Solutions have delivered multiple successful projects. We have a pull of highly skilled , experienced and talented engineers. We have launched our LC Systems Integration arm to position  IMCC Group  as a regional ICT/ELV Systems Integrator.

IMCC Group  has structured its internal resources and knowledge base to cater to all ICT/ELV scopes and has partnered with many wide range of elite vendors, to be able to embrace and maintain an agile environment meeting today's growing business and technological needs. 

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IMCC Group presently specializes in Engineering & Contracting, Display Solutions, Software Applications, but are sturdily determined to provide other services including operations and maintenance through the zeal and passion for continuous growth and innovation. IMCC Group is an advanced contracting company that puts forward its capabilities and standards to the construction industry.


IMCC Group was launched to accommodate the increased demand in market services, and will continue to uphold the tradition of maintaining high standards to become a leader in Engineering & Contracting, Display Solutions, Software Applications works.

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