Advent Portfolio Exchange

Advent Portfolio Exchange is the integrated portfolio and client management solution that puts everyone in your firm – from executives to portfolio managers to operations – on the same platform. Deployed in the cloud or on site, APX centralizes all your portfolio, client and prospect marketing data on one platform. People can get the information they need quickly, with customizable dashboards, a vast report library and robust custom reporting capabilities.

Tamale RMS

Knowledge derived from research is your firm’s edge. Advent’s Tamale RMS® lets you organize an escalating volume of research data and apply it more effectively in due diligence. It’s a centralized repository for capturing, organizing and sharing every piece of research you receive or create. With Tamale, teams spend their time debating ideas instead of searching for data. So you can make timely, better informed and thoroughly documented decisions.

Advent Data Solutions

The reports you create – and the decisions you make – are only as good as the data they’re based upon. Advent offers a variety of data solutions that deliver accurate custodial, corporate actions, and benchmark data directly into your portfolio management and trading platforms, automatically and in the format you need. So you can get to work right away, without having to gather all that data yourself – and with confidence in the numbers.


For firms managing the costs associated with margin, stock borrowing and financing is a major challenge. Without transparency into margin and fee calculations, you may not realize how much incremental profitability is being chipped away. Advent’s Syncova solutions bring unprecedented transparency and improved accuracy for the benefit of both parties. Funds can minimize their costs, while prime brokers can offer a more competitive service.

Advent Revenue Center

Collect fees more quickly by getting accurate invoices out on time and tracking your revenue. Even if you have complex, customized fee schedules for different clients, Advent Revenue Center automates calculations and accelerates the production of invoices. Save hours or even days in the billing cycle compared to a homegrown, spreadsheet-based system. And get a clear view into your firm’s revenue stream for forecasting, planning and decision making.


Our Axys® portfolio management solution brings your firm the benefits of automation in an easy-to-use, turnkey solution requiring minimal IT support. Increase productivity, improve accuracy and get a clear picture of your portfolios and their performance. With an extensive library of pre-defined reports plus easy report customization, Axys helps thousands of investment firms do more in less time. It’s the most widely used portfolio management solution in the industry.