July 27, 2016
Digital Signage
July 12, 2016
Asset support:

IMCC’s Operation & Maintenance asset support business provides comprehensive specialist shutdown/overhaul, maintenance, construction, and special engineering services.

Production operations:

Our team offer related value adding services, including: production and maintenance optimization; asset integrity management; asset transfer services; and life-of-asset strategies.

 Preventive maintenance:

At the heart of outsourcing network operation, and ensuring lower costs and better network performance is IMCC’s Operation & Maintenance preventative and correction maintenance. Preventative maintenance ensures networks function under normal conditions. Part of its preventative maintenance routine, IMCC Operation & Maintenance  performs monthly structural checks;functional tests and software and hardware checks; quarterly checks; call testing, inventories, battery checks;microwave and property maintenance and annual checks; power supply;grounding tests and antenna tests.


Corrective Maintenance:

Corrective maintenance offers a support function for isolated problems.Corrective maintenance includes alerts, disaster recovery services, and any failures managed within a reasonable time frame.